Terry Barnett


  Welcome to the

Washington Elementary Library. 

      Librarian- Terry Barnett        Library Assistant- Ashley Covell

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at the Washington Elementary School Library.

This is one of the greatest places to be in the whole building. We have the way you can travel to different countries, the past and future, visit with all kinds of people, and getting information for anything that you are studying in school. In our library, our books will take you there. There are a lot of online resources we can show you that will also be a lot of help to anyone doing research.                                  Use your Open eBooks codes for free books to read online.  

We have that story that will catch your attention and keep you reading under the covers at night with your flashlight. Just don’t fall asleep in class the next day and get us in trouble with you. 

It will be a great year. We will vote for our Sequoyah books this year. Remember, you have to read three of the titles on your grade list to qualify to vote. We will vote theweek before Spring Break. So get qualified as soon as you can. 

Now we are looking forward to our Book Fair in February. There will be an online Book Fair coming up with our Book Fair in the Library, So many books…...So little time…… Just read it!!!!

Use this link to visit our online Book Fair. Here there be…… Shopping!!!!



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